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Harvest savings this November 🍂 Save 10%. "harvest" at checkout. Rise plants 3 trees 🌳 with every order to help reforest the planet.
Harvest savings this November 🍂 Save 10%. "harvest" at checkout. Rise plants 3 trees 🌳 with every order to help reforest the planet.

England's Stove Works Portable Rocket Stove - 12-RS

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Why Is This Product On Rise?

Constructed of 16 gauge steel for longevity, this stove is compact and portable, weighing under 13 lb. Designed to do all a campfire can do and more, the stove is ideal for camping, social events, prepping, hanging out in your backyard or patio, or anywhere you enjoy the Great Outdoors.

There's no need to drag along your fuel for cooking, as the Rocket Stove burns just about anything you can find in the woods – including branches, pinecones, twigs, and leaves – and it lights fast and burns hot. Although it warms up your camping spot quickly, cooking is this stove's forte, and the included cooking attachment is multi-tiered so that it can hold a variety of cookware sizes and styles, from pans to skillets, to kettles, to works and more. Easy cleaning by tilting the stove forward to empty the ashes.

*Hardware included


      MaterialConstructed of 16 gauge laser-cut steel coated with rust-resistant paint - easy to maintain 
      Weight13 lbs
      AssemblySturdy, bolt-together design for quick assembly (and disassembly, to pack flat for transportation and storage, if desired) 
      FuelBurns pinecones, branches, twigs, leaves and more – Leave the charcoal and other fuels at home
      Ash CollectionBuilt-in ash collection area – just tilt stove forward to dump cooled ashes 
      UseNot for use in homes or other structures, only for outdoor use 
      ApplicationsPerfect for camping, cooking, social events, hanging out in your backyard, prepping, or just enjoying the Great Outdoors. 
      CookingMulti-Tier Cooking Grate designed to accommodate a variety of cookware - pans, pots and kettles (or even woks) of many sizes and styles 
      FlueGravity-fed fuel chute ignites fast and burns hot
      CombustionSizeable combustion tunnel provides enough heat to boil water or to fry your favorite food 
      Carrying HandleSpring handle is included on fuel door for safety 

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