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Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "spring10"
Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products at checkout* with "spring10"

Skuttle 60-BC1 Freestanding Steam Humidifier

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by Skuttle
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Getting ready for 🛠️ reno season? Save 10% on select products with spring10 at Checkout. Brand and product exclusions apply

Skuttle also makes a freestanding steam humidifier for use where no ductwork is available. It is an excellent choice for homes with wine cellars, humidors, and musical instruments. Steam Humidifiers are the best option when stabilized humidity is desired or essential.

  • The self-contained fan allows the unit to humidify air without furnace heat
  • Freestanding design permits flexible placement or mounting
  • Maintenance requires no additional replacement parts
  • No canister or added replacement parts are needed for maintenance.
  • Uses minimal water
  • Stainless steel unit provides improved corrosion resistance
  • Made in the U.S.A.

How It Works: Inside a Skuttle Steam Humidifier, a water temperature sensing device operates the furnace fan independently from your home’s heating system. Because it has its own heat source, a steam unit will effectively humidify your home regardless of the air temperature.

Maintenance: Due to Steam Humidifiers’ internal complexity and the danger of scalding, cleaning, and servicing by a qualified HVAC contractor is strongly recommended.


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                                  Coverage Area

                                  Maximum Home Size Tight HouseAverage House Loose House
                                  Total Square Feet 3,095 sq. ft. 1,970 sq. ft.1,413 sq. ft.
                                  Total Cubic Feet24,762 cu. ft. 15,758 cu. ft. 11,304 cu. ft.
                                   Featuring one-half air change per hour, tight houses have insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, weather stripping on doors and windows, snug doors, snug windows, and a fireplace damper.With insulated walls and ceilings, vapor barriers, loose doors, loose windows, and a fireplace damper, average houses have one air change per hour.Loose houses lack insulation, storm doors, storm windows, weather stripping, or vapor barriers, and have two air changes per hour.


                                  ApplicationWhole House
                                  Sizes Up To3095 sq. ft.
                                  HVAC Type Steam
                                  Moisture Output Per Day 13 gallons
                                  Fill TypeDirect Water Line
                                  Automatic Safety ShutoffYes
                                  Height 19 in
                                  Width13 in
                                  Depth18.5 In
                                  Maximum Amperage14 Amps
                                  Maximum Wattage 1700 W
                                  Voltage110-120 V

                                  Additional Features

                                  • Output Per Day: 13 gallons of moisture per day
                                  • Can be mounted in areas at least 13-inches wide and 19-inches tall.
                                  • Because water evaporated from the humidifier leaves behind all its impurities, the resulting humidification doesn’t pollute your indoor air.
                                  • Included humidistat activates the humidifier heater when your home is too dry.
                                  • Energy efficient with its energy efficient technology, the unit uses minimal water.

                                  Wiring Diagram

                                  Installation Instructions

                                  1. Before installing the humidifier, remove the orange label and cardboard packing on and around the grille.
                                  2. Check and adjust the unit’s water level as indicated in the installation manual.
                                  3. If the unit is to be connected to the duct, remove the inlet and outlet grilles to help increase airflow.
                                  4. To connect the unit to ridged ductwork, use duct size 12˝ x 12˝ (30.48 x 30.48 cm) and S-cleats.
                                  5. Remove the outlet and intake grilles from the humidifier.
                                  6. Run the duct to a finished wall or floor, and cut an opening to fit. Place a grille or diffuser on the outlet. (If appropriate, do the same for the intake side of the humidifier.)


                                  CAUTION: In the event of a mechanical mal­func­tion, the humidifier could overflow. To prevent water damage, connect the over­flow fitting to an appropriate drain.


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